Aug 7, 2013


6 x 6" original oil

Each month I do a small original for eBay, and each original in this series is named with a letter from the Greek alphabet. I love crossword puzzles and clues about the Greek alphabet always abound. I've never known those answers, but now I will have a fighting chance. 

There is a surprising amount of green in the yellows of the petals. Without the greener areas, the oranges would get lost in the reds and the whole painting would flatten. The subtle color changes into green helps the petals to pop and have life. 

Sunshine and flowers go so well together. I can smell the grass and feel the heat in this painting. 

Winning bidders, please note that this painting is on 3/16" masonite. Local winners can pick it up, or else you'll get it USPS Priority domestic and international. 

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