Mar 29, 2012


22 x 29" original oil

A collector saw Ruffles in my studio yesterday, before it was even finished, and bought it right then and there. That was a real treat for me and it made my day. Thank you to my generous collectors who support the arts and support me. 
I will look at this painting every day while it is drying and enjoy it as long as possible before it goes to a new home. Ruffles is a definite favorite of all the tulips I have painted: I love the different colors, the open blossom, the mottled background, and the warm sunlight. It makes me want to walk barefoot through the grass and take a deep breath. 

Mar 27, 2012

Last Saturday's Event

Tonya and Steve are great collectors of mine and of other artists and also two of the nicest people one could meet. They are wonderful supporters of the arts. 

I'm speaking with the new owner of Flourish, the painting with the red-orange tulips. Casey and Guy are two of my new collectors and I was so happy to be able to meet them and talk with them about why they purchased my painting. They are also wonderful supporters of the arts. 

I am working on a brand new original that I hope to finish in the next few days. It is bound for my Zions Bank Art Show this coming May. Painting live for a crowd is something that is very hard to set up, but also very fun to do. The one thing I miss most is my music that I listen to while I work. It's stressful to worry about people bumping into my wet panting, yet it is so rewarding when I hear a little 6 year old whisper to her dad behind me: "Whoaaa dad...she is painting! I want to paint too." 

Mar 14, 2012


10 x 10" original oil
One of my favorite things about painting tulips is the chance I have to position bright, back-lit petals against shadowed petals. I love the high contrast and the pop. 

The light going through the petals reminds me of sliced citrus fruit in the sunshine and how the colors are clear and bright.  

Mar 12, 2012


6 x 6" original oil

I love the different pinks, oranges and purples in this patch of tulips. It was nice after so much big work to do another small painting.

Here is a photo about half-way through. 

And here is the beast: my 35 x 52" panel as well as all of the other panels on the back table that were gessoed today. Hopefully within the next couple of months they will all have finished paintings on them. Hanging on the wall in the background you can see "Hope", "Miss Scarlett II", "Peas & Carrots", and some of "Again."

Mar 8, 2012

Peas & Carrots

6 x 6" original oil

OK so I know the title is funny, but with the greens and oranges, it's seriously all that was going through my brain, no matter what else I tried to use. Now I'm thinking of the bags of frozen veggies with peas and chopped carrots inside...oh well. I love the light, and in person it's so miniature, which was hard to paint but I do think it's cute.

Mar 7, 2012


12 x 18" original oil

When my daffodils and tulips poke up through the mulch, I'm amazed that dormant bulbs know when it's time to grow again and be beautiful. Spring is something I can always rely on, and it's a comfort and a reminder to have hope that things will always work out for the best in the end if we are patient. 

a close-up

Oooh, and here is beastie. This 35" x 52" is in line. I'm a little nervous. 

Mar 6, 2012

Hope: Part I

12 x 18" original oil, in progress
This painting will be available March 24th at my Salt Lake event
Today was a good painting day. The brush did what I wanted it to do and it even did a little on it's own, which is always the best part of painting. 

This is how the painting looks after I paint in the background, mapping out edges for blossoms and stems. I usually begin this way, only because it helps me see the beginning of the puzzle. 

It was sunny yesterday and this morning, but by this afternoon March was definitely coming in like a lion.