Aug 14, 2013

Awake: Part I

I have started a seascape! I love painting seascapes. Tulips are controlled, methodical, and botanically beautiful with their lights, colors, leaves, petals, and such, but seascapes are raw, emotional, spiritual, and metaphorical. I need both sides. I am both sides.

32 x 29" original oil in progress

The most important thing for me to do today with the paint was block in the composition/placements, mix some accurate base colors, and see if it is starting to feel as a painting how it feels in my mind when I see the finished piece. It has roads to travel yet, but this painting is on it's way and I am happy with the beginning. 

It is very different for me to paint in vertical orientation , but I love the upward direction it lends. The water and wave at the bottom of this piece will be grounding enough to handle the large expanse of sky overhead, and that band of gold in the middle draws me right in. 

More on the meaning of this painting as it is finished...I'm still marinating on the final thoughts. 


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heidikins said...

I love this so much already!