Apr 6, 2010


18" x 36" oil

This is my favorite seascape that I have thus far painted. The composition is simple yet bold, the color family is nearly monochromatic, but that hit of cobalt turquoise in the wave is the perfect punch of chroma. It doesn't hurt any either that I can close my eyes and hear the roar of a rolling wave. Thanks Bonnie-Jean for the reference photo.
Like Karin Jurick, it's very zen to paint the ocean on a frigid day. It's Spring Break here, and it's snowing. Hm. Poor teachers.
The hardest part of this painting, and the bulk of what I worked on today, was the falling water on the left side. It's hard to make seafoam and water not look like clouds. Both have mass, both have soft edges, both move, and both are pretty much not that fun or easy to paint.

ahhh, cobalt turquoise...the queen of colors.