Jul 30, 2008

Funny Ears

16" x 20" oils
It was such a beautiful evening in Santaquin when I photographed these horses. I painted this painting alla prima which means all at once while the paint was all still wet. The hardest part was the mare's mane. I love the fresh colors and immediacy of doing a painting all at once.

Jul 23, 2008


12 3/4" x 8 3/4", oils

At first I was worried my colors were too bright, but they are just what the painting needed. I am sure my palette was influenced by my visit last week to the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont. Imagine two-toned cows on every wall painted with contrasting colors: Andy Warhol meets Willy Wonka. It was awesome, and the ice cream wasn't half bad either.

Jul 21, 2008

Summer Morning

14" x 18", oils

This is the painting I did today; it was great to be back in the studio after a short trip back East. When I went to look for horses to paint, I went for a drive in the early morning light and found this beauty.  I love her dark muzzle and the reflective light on her tail.