Aug 29, 2011

Standing as a Witness

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This brand new Young Women Values artwork is available at Deseret Book

I am at the Lehi, Utah Costco today holding a framed print. 
This is an ad that ran in LDS Living magazine.

A few months ago I was asked by Amalphi Arts to do a tulip painting that could represent the 8 values taught in my church to the young women. The 8 values each have their own color and they are faith (white), divine nature (blue),  individual worth (red), knowledge (green), choice & accountability (orange), good works (yellow), integrity (purple) and virtue (gold).

My favorite thing about this painting is how it represents 8 timeless values that are worth having no matter  your gender or religious preference. Our communities would improve if we had more exercised faith, more belief in our divine nature, more realization of our individual worth, more pursuits of knowledge and education, more acceptance of accountability for our actions, more people engaged in good works, more use of integrity, and more examples of virtue.

I am happy to offer this print and know it will be a positive influence in your girl's life. Thank you to Dallan, Melanie and Brian and more behind the scenes at Amalphi Arts for making this happen.


Aug 19, 2011

Redesigned Website

Hi All,

My website,, has recently been redesigned by McCallum Design. He did a beautiful job and I invite all of you to click on over and check it out! A big thanks to John who translated into pixels what I envisioned in my mind. 

Happy Weekend-

My dog soaks up the heat like it's going out of style. It was 94 today and she loved it. 

Aug 18, 2011


8 x 8"

My last painting was titled Cherry Cheesecake and this one being called Custard portrays me as a food addict, which I won't try to deny. Food names come naturally to me (although my husband gets the credit for naming this one). I love the bright colors; it's a nice nod to the end of the summer as school is starting again. 

Aug 10, 2011

Cherry Cheesecake

23 x 27"

I've just been slammed with work! The title makes me smile - something creamy topped with little red dots equals cherry cheesecake and the color composition of the tulips in this painting.

Enjoy the sequence photos below.

Aug 9, 2011

Sage, Cornflower and Honey

20 x 16 oil

20 x 16 oil

20 x 16 oil

These three tulips will be delivered tomorrow to Brownstone Gallery where they will be framed and then taken to Riverside Country Club in Provo, Utah to be installed in the remodeled space. Thanks Rob for putting this together, and I'm excited to see these paintings in their new space.