Dec 27, 2013

22 x 45" Tulip Commission

Today I began a 22x45" tulip commission. The client asked me to combine three different paintings I've already done to make one with all of his favorite things. I spent this morning (and last night instead of sleeping) thinking it through and I've got it drawn out and ready to paint. Usually people don't request me combining pieces from existing paintings, but in this case the three were so similar and I found a photo reference of mine from this past Spring's Thanksgiving Point photoshoots that satisfied everything the client was looking for, that I know it will work out OK. I do much better when I paint if beforehand I can see the end product designed out. 

I'm adding layers to balance out the composition. It's like real gardening, except I add flowers with an Exacto knife and glue instead of gardening gloves and a trowel. 

This projector saves my bacon. I can project my collaged photograph up onto my panel and trace out the main lines, saving me hours and probably days.

I draw the lines with a pastel pencil. I like a warm brown color, that way if some shows through the paint it's better to me than black. It doesn't really matter in the end though - any color of pastel or charcoal would work. 

I got a new air purifier for my studio. My brain cells are so excited. It filters out all of the junk in the air from off-gasing turpentine and wet oil paints. Thanks to HL for recommending this model! It's so nice to have friends who are amazing professional artists that I can ask for advice.

My dog totally has the right idea. The heater is currently not working in my studio so this plug-in space heater is my source of comfort. Buttercup isn't arguing.

And this is where I'll be all day tomorrow as the painting begins! I'm looking ahead into 2014 and am excited to have a few shows already planned with more I'm sure coming. Every day counts between now and Spring when my studio hours are cut to nil as I photograph flowers out in the field. I'm ready to put some hours in after a nice holiday break! Click here to see my scheduled shows thus far. 

Dec 3, 2013

Nauvoo Temple Prints Now Available

41 x 52" original oil
prints are now available
to order a print contact the artist

The prints look AWESOME. I am placing an order FIRST THING on Monday morning, December 9th. If you want a print by Christmas, I MUST have your order before then. Send me an e-mail or call me if you have my phone number to place your order. I don't take credit card; I take cash or check. Your payment does not have to arrive by December 9th. I understand if you make your order and then have to mail a check and it arrives a week later, say. Shipping can be combined if you are sending more than one print to the same address. We'll work out the details together. 

If you are reading this blog and it's NOT Christmas time anymore but you still want a print, no problem! Contact me and we'll make it happen.

I am so excited for you. Enjoy!

To see more pictures and read the blog post about the original painting, click here

 Top Two: unmounted canvas, 2" margin in 8x10" and 16x20"
Bottom Two: mounted canvas, no margin in 8x10" and 16x20"

Detail of the unmounted canvas with 2" margin

Detail of the mounted canvas with no margin (it's mounted on foam core)

8 x 10" unmounted canvas with 2" margin $19.20 picked up/ $39.20 shipped
16 x 20" unmounted canvas with 2" margin $70.40 picked up/ $90.40 shipped

8 x 10" mounted canvas with no margin $24 picked up/ $34 shipped
16 x 20" mounted canvas with no margin $89.60 picked up/ $129.60 shipped

If you have no idea which one you want and/or don't know what the differences are between unmounted and mounted canvas, let me help. It's really personal preference. Mounted canvases are easier to pop into a frame. Both options are great, and both are sprayed with a shiny UV protectant. 

Contact me if you have any questions! :)

The original painting hung and installed. 

Dec 2, 2013

Eight Mini Paintings: Young Women Values

Each painting is 4x4" original oil
available through the artist

Each tulip represents one of the eight Young Women values. 

I am the artist that painted this image of the eight Young Women values in tulips, and it was fun for me to go back and use the references again to paint these minis. 

Take advantage of being able to own an original painting of your favorite blossom and value; this image is reproduced and sold all over the world. 

"Faith" 4x4" original oil

"Divine Nature" 4x4" original oil

"Individual Worth" 4x4" original oil

"Knowledge" 4x4" original oil
"Choice & Accountability" 4x4" original oil

"Good Works" 4x4" original oil

"Integrity" 4x4" original oil

"Virtue" 4x4" original oil