Feb 24, 2012


21 x 28" original oil

Yesterday, a friend's mom passed away. It was a sad day and my heart was heavy with the news as I finished this piece. I hope my friend is doing better today and feels everyone's love.
While I was out in my front yard, I noticed that my daffodils and tulips are coming up: Spring is coming! It was a nice little moment when I could think of life after death on a personal level for my friend's mom and on a nature level, where life comes again after the long winter.
This painting is very much like Flourish, so the title is also a nice nod to that patch of flowers getting repainted. That red-orange is so great against the various greens.

Feb 14, 2012

Miss Scarlett II

 10 x 10" original oil

I painted this patch of tulips last June and decided to revisit them in another painting. It was hard to paint them so small (10x10" versus 24x36" last time). I kept reaching for smaller brushes, which I didn't have, then I told myself to do with a big brush what I could see - it was a good exercise in letting paint be paint. I just love the red inside of the center tulip. She is such a stand-out.
...a detail of the center of the painting

Feb 9, 2012


8x16" original oil
sold at the "Share the Love" fundraiser for the Fish family, details at www.fisheswishes.com

My friend Nicole told me about the Fish girls (ages 2 and 8) and about a fundraiser that would provide much needed help for their upcoming medical procedures. She asked if I would donate a painting. Her e-mail came last month on the same day as my wrist surgery.  Right away I knew I wanted to help. I was blessed to sell a lot of artwork in a short amount of time to pay for my surgery, so when I read her request for help for these girls on the heels of me receiving help, I was excited to be able to pay it forward.
I love the pinks in this piece, and hope it sells for a lot of money to help little Natalie and Alice. Best Wishes for the Fishes!

Feb 3, 2012


27 x 39" original oil

My favorite flower in this newest painting of mine is the opening blossom on the lower left side with the greenish-pink color. This bed of tulips was growing around a tree at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens two years ago. The next year, the same area had a totally different design and color. I never know from year to year what I am going to get when I go to the gardens to photograph, but I always leave happy.

Mmmm. Paint. 

 Here is a close-up of the right side.