Jun 11, 2011

Miss Scarlett


I am leaving on a trip tomorrow - bags are packed, itinerary is printed, summer is here! For now, enjoy my latest tulip painting Miss Scarlett and I'll see you all at the opening night of Best In Show on Friday, June 17th at Alpine Art, featuring my five newest dog paintings. 

... a detail of the diva

Jun 6, 2011

Miss Scarlett: Part II

More work today on Miss Scarlett. It's looking like a mess with blank tulips here and there and glare shining off the surface, but in the next couple of days it will be all done and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

This painting is 24x36".

Jun 4, 2011

Miss Scarlett: Part I

24x36" oil

I have had the idea for this painting for a while. The tulips in this painting will all be yellow except for the inside of one, which will be filled not with yellow, but instead with bright crimson, thus the title. This Spring I saw a few of these "rogue" tulips: yellow tulips with one random red petal, etc. I think the accent of red in this painting will be just enough pop and a fun focal point.

And I thought this pic of my dog was hillarious. I shot it of her while I painted today. Oh to be a dog and sleep whenever you want...

I also painted another 6x6" dog for my show at Alpine Art on June 17th. I added it to the post from a few days ago called Dogs Dogs Dogs. To see it, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the post. The painting is called "Nap."

Jun 2, 2011

Minty Fresh

6x6" oil

Here is the second cupcake in my cupcake series. Drawing the lines of the frosting was the most difficult part of this painting...like finding your way through a maze. A close second was making the cupcake liner transparent-looking.
These little paintings are too much fun. I think I'll take a suite of them to the local bakery and see if they're interested in purchasing them. The inside of their shop is like a magazine - everything cute and colorful.