Aug 26, 2013


6x6" original oil

This piece is heading up to Gallery MAR in Park City, UT as part of a fresh batch of dog paintings. Gallery MAR does such a great job of selling my work. I feel like I can't paint fast enough, thanks guys!

This is my adorable lab, Buttercup! She loves to sniff the entire yard each morning... actually she loves to each time she goes outside. I'm not sure what she's looking for, or if she's just curious to catch the newest smells. "Oh here's that cat I saw; here's that quail; here's that's that birdseed." 

My favorite part of the painting is her front paw. I love painting sunny paws and adding that swipe of shadow across the toes that gives it a dimension and makes the paw feel like it's standing flat. I also love that cute nose so close to the ground. 

My dog has gotten to the point where she knows what's coming when she sees me get the camera out. I wish she'd pose nicely on the sunny patio, but she instead heads for shady grass. Rascal. 


Suzette said...

This looks exactly like Buttercup! I can also see her just stepping into the shadows when she sees you and the camera coming. What a little stinker. I wish you could paint her jumping into the pond after a trout as we all scream "Buttercup! Leave it!" :)

Cristall Harper said...

Yes, Buttercup leave it!! Haha, thanks Suz.