Aug 20, 2008

Valentine's Barn

14" x 14", oils
This painting's title comes from a weekend my husband and I took to Southern Utah last Valentine's Day. Yes, I even have my camera handy on romatic getaways. Sad. My husband and I both really liked this barn; a combination of the light, snowtracks, and the pointy thing on top (whatever it's called...).

I did this painting in one sitting - the paint was all wet. The hardest part of this painting was getting the blues to grade evenly behind the tree limbs. This is one I wish I didn't sell, but still had. 

Aug 4, 2008

Green Space

12" x 12", oil
My husband found this scene for me. We were on a drive together near Park City and he said I had to see this barn, and as soon as we turned the corner, there she was, this bright green tractor parked right in the doorway of an old painted barn. Perfect.

Aug 1, 2008


6" x 6", oils


I was driving home one winter day, taking a different route than usual, and spotted these sheep. I stopped to take their pictures and they stopped to stare at me. I thought it was funny that the sheep in the back did their best to peek around the fluffy bulk to get a look at me, thus the title.

Incidentally, the red barn does not exist in real life. The background in my photograph was just wooded, but I wanted a punch of color and somewhere for the path to end up, so I stuck in a barn. I like it. What do you think?