Jan 28, 2010

Virginia: Part I

I began this painting today, and I have two things to say about it right off: 1) the pink glow on the horizon playing off the cool steely blue reflected in the water is my favorite part and 2) I need a title.
The funky white stripe in the middle is where my masking tape was - unfortunately, I can't get a straight horizon line without tape, and the first layers of paint I added today need to be dry before I can cover up where the tape was. Try to see this painting without that stripe in the middle - eventually there will be a melted together mass of pinks and blues. Perfecto.

close-ups of sea and sky

Jan 15, 2010

High Tide (formerly titled "Still")

18" x 36" oils
When I started this painting 9 days ago, it did not have waves and it had a different title. All of the posts under the title of Still used to be this painting. Once I added the waves, I really grew to love their motion and sound, but the title and the painting clashed. Rather that lose the waves for the sake of keeping the title of Still, I have changed the painting's title.

If I close my eyes after looking at this painting, I can hear the surf break and feel the sun on my back. There is something so relaxing about the ocean, and something so grounding about a long, flat horizon line. If I'm feeling stressed, I just have to look at this painting and my mind and body become calm.

Look for another painting in the future that bears more of a resemblance to Still - I would like to revisit that simplicity.

a close-up of the wave action

Jan 12, 2010

Still: Part II

18" x 36" oils

I worked on this painting today and added the waves. I like the frothy action. However, I miss the simplicity of what I had before. Still deciding which way to go. Stared at this painting for a half hour trying to decide. Left it for now - I'll revisit the issue tomorrow. If the waves stay, the title must change.

Jan 6, 2010

Still: Part I

18" x 36" oils...
Today I began this painting. I got the idea a couple of ways: it is totally monochromatic outside (cloudy whites and grays) and I am having one of those quiet, nothing-going-on days myself. I got out my sketchbook and started drawing and writing, waiting for something fantastic to come to me. This is the result. I had to give myself permission to paint something extraordinarily simple, and I very much enjoy the simpleness of this painting. To some people, it may be abstract, and to others, it may be representational.