Aug 31, 2013


20 x 23" original oil

What drew me to this patch of tulips was the yellow centers lit in the sun. It looks like a lemon drop fell into the center of each tulip and melted in the sunshine. I remember stopping in my tracks at Thanksgiving Point Gardens and seeing this painting. When I saw the reference photo much later and decided to paint it, I noticed mostly pinks and that yellow color again, but once I began painting these tulips, I realized there were MANY colors happening not seen at first glance. True to my favorite idea about painting, this painting demonstrates that you can find all colors even when painting something that looks like it's only one color. 

detail of top area showing the many colors that make up "pink and yellow" tulips
My favorite area is this top area in the detail. I worked on it while I was a guest artist at BYU Education Week. It was fun to have people stop and watch me work. A little girl asked if I was nervous and I answered yes. I thought that was cute. She got this look on her face like "Oh good. I'm glad you get nervous too."

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