Jan 22, 2013

Well That Was Fast...

"Scritch Scratch" 6 x 6" original oil, sold the first day it arrived at the gallery

I don't as a rule post a painting here on my blog when it sells. However, this one is too exciting not to share. I sent Scritch Scratch to Gallery MAR, my Park City art gallery, and it sold the day it was put up. I'm telling you, these little dog paintings are going like hotcakes, so if you see one you want, snatch it up! I'm so glad to see that other people love their pets as much as I do.

If you are interested in commissioning a pet portrait, contact any of my art galleries or contact me directly. It's your choice; the price is the same. 

This painting happens to feature my yellow lab, Buttercup, trying to reach that pesky itch under her collar.

For today, I need to work on finishing my big purple tulip painting and work on starting a new dog painting. Happy Tuesday!

Jan 18, 2013

Studio Photoshoot

I use two or three palettes when I work.

I am working on a 25" x 37" painting of tulips.

I mix my own colors. It's magic.

I always have a glove on my left hand when I work and a painting rag in my left hand. I usually hold my reference photo in my left hand as well. I work from photographs I take myself. This one came from Spring 2012's Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. I love the deep black grape purples.

I love to mix. This was me taking a big swath of alizarin crimson to add to a black purple to warm it up.

Matt, my husband, who is my biggest cheerleader and supporter. He also builds all of my panels and understands when I paint late at night or on the weekend.

I love this picture of me working. I never see what I look like when I work. I see my hands all day every day. I love the  new perspective (and the brushes in the background).

Yes, I use a paintbrush to hold my  hair back.

So fun! Donna and I were having so much fun finding little mosaics in the shapes of my painting.
Thank you so much to my friend, Donna, who spent her whole afternoon hanging out in the art studio listening to my loud music and snapping photo after photo while I worked. She did a great job and I really appreciate her helping me document my work. 

This painting-in-progress is 25" x 37" and will be available for sale through me. If it's still around, I'll put it in a show in May. 

Jan 16, 2013


6 x 6" original oil

The dogs continue - this time it's a black lab. Black labs are so hard to photograph, but I do love how shiny they look. I chose the title Bruiser because he looks a bit like he could take care of any troublemakers if he had to.

I have a 25 x 37" panel that was gessoed today and will be a tulip soon! It's got purples and creams. You just wait until you see it. 

detail of Bruiser (and a fine painting on it's own...I like the cropping)

Jan 11, 2013

A Year Ago Today

1/11/12: wrist surgery
1/11/13 One year later and going strong!
Last year's surgery was the first time I have ever had anything like that done. I'm the kind of person who goes to the doctor like once every two years. It was scary to not know how it would all turn out. BUT, recovery was a snap and I am painting even more than I was a year ago before the surgery. I am so thankful for skilled surgeons. Let me also throw out two other thankyous: Number One, thank you to those who purchased art a year ago during my impromptu "Surgery Sale" that funded the unexpected procedure, and Number Two, thank you to my neighbors and friends who brought dinners for a week. 

Art is a wonderful thing. It doesn't exist until someone transforms an idea and raw materials, but then it is there forever to be enjoyed. My secret wish is that in another life I could be a composer like Hans Zimmer or Howard Shore. I'm fascinated with the thought of hearing melodies, harmonies, and different instruments in your mind and being able to write them into music. Painting really isn't that different though: instead of hearing a melody I seen colors and shapes, and instead of notes bringing it out I use brushes and paint. I think this link between music and painting is why I paint so much better when I have real music playing in the studio.

Speaking of real music!! Here are some tracks guaranteed to give me goose bumps and a major boost if they come on in a shuffle:
1. Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer
2. Sacred Pool of Tears by Hans Zimmer
3. Oogway Ascends by HZ
4. Like a Dog Chasing Cars by HZ
5. The White Tree by Howard Shore
6. Helm's Deep by Howard Shore
7. Forth Eorlingas by HS
8. Anduril by HS
9. Requiem in D Minor, Confutatis by Mozart
10. Amazing by Aerosmith
11. Monkey in the Moon by Alphaville
12. Vantage Point End Title by Atli Örvarsson
13. Intergalactic by Beastie Boys
14. I Miss You by Blink 182
15. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams
16. Sweet Southern Comfort by Buddy Jewell
17. Talk by Coldplay
18. Overcome by Creed
19. Remember the Name by Fort Minor
20. Fortune Days by Glitch Mob
21. The Saints Are Coming, Live from New Orleans by Green Day and U2
22. Roll Tide by Hans Zimmer
23. Mi'Ma'amakim by The Idan Raichel Project
24. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
25. Turn to Stone by Ingrid Michaelson
26. Crossing the Bridge by James Newton Howard
27. London by James Newton Howard
28. Solomon Vandy by James Newton Howard
29. Goa by John Powell
30. Lost in the Echo by Linkin Park
31. Outro by M83
32. Count on Me by Mat Kearney
33. The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
34. Madness by Muse
35. Given to Fly by Pearl Jam
36. Raza de Mil Colores by Ricky Martin (don't judge)
37. Woman in Chains by Tears for Fears
38. Until the End of the World by U2
39. I'mma Shine by YoungBloodZ
40. To Love the Language by Harry Connick, Jr. 
41. I Alone by Live
42. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
43. Love Bites by Def Leppard
44. Beautiful Child by Rufus Wainwright
45. The Moon and the Superhero by John Powell
46. Fate Has Smiled Upon Us by Marc Streitenfeld

Now go on iTunes and check these out. They are oh so good.

Jan 10, 2013

Today's Doings

"Good Boy" 6 x 6" oil    sold
Great news today. Gallery MAR in Park City sold "Good Boy". I love getting e-mails like that. My little doggie paintings don't last long, so if you see one you like, you need to grab it up! 

sneak peek of an area of a 24 x 30" seascape in progress
I worked more today on a 24 x 30" seascape. I've been stuck for weeks on this painting. I saw a Washington coast photograph a friend took on a recent vacation and it totally inspired me to finish this painting. The moodiness was perfect. There was a bit of indigo and cobalt above the horizon which I'm a total sucker for. 

Buttercup, the perfect dog.
 My poor dog today. She was so bored. We are both anxious for the warm spring days when my studio door is open. She likes to bounce between sunny grass right outside and my cool studio floor. We are both a little cooped up this winter. We need to go play in the mountains and run around!

I also painted the sides of Elaine now that the oil colors are dry. The satin black paint around the edges is the finishing touch, and it's one of those interior paints that is part primer. I free-hand the black paint. It's easier than it looks.


Jan 8, 2013


8 x 8" original oil

This little painting is for sale on eBay. It is my latest tulip painting. Buying my paintings on eBay is a definite way to get a great deal on an original piece of art. I don't sell them on eBay very often, so when I do, you need to snatch them up. 

part of this painting's palette

a detail

Jan 7, 2013


6 x 6" original oil

This little gal is my neighbor's chocolate lab. Thanks MK for sending me this photo! I still want to come by on a sunny day and shoot more pics. I love her furry, round belly and the way she's leaning to one side (my dog does that all the time). I started on her eyes and nose knowing that would be the hardest area with all of those reflected light surfaces. Her neckerchief is too cute. My dog came home from the vet one day with a pink neckerchief and I loved it, but my husband was not a fan. He said, "My hunting dog doesn't wear pink neckerchiefs." ha ha ha

Thanks Gallery MAR for doing such a great job at finding new collectors for my dog paintings. It makes me happy to think of them finding new homes. 


18 x 24" original oil

This commission is finished and I am pleased with how it turned out. There seems to be a good balance of pinks scattered around amid the yellows and oranges, and there are little spots of greens and blacks adding balance as well. Spring seems so far away (Utah is in an inversion...if you don't know what an inversion is, picture icky gray pollution smog trapped over a mountain valley and you've got it). Inversions aside, I still love Utah winters. I remember the first year I spent out here, studying at BYU, and the first winter sunset I saw on the mountains. It took my breath away how the snowy mountains turned bright pink-orange!

Jan 2, 2013

Elaine: Part I

18x24" original oil in progress

This is one of six commissions I need to complete in January, and the first painting of 2013. The tulips in this painting will be pink, yellow, and a pale orange. I had planned to paint this reference as a larger 20x30", but someone saw the reference on my studio wall and asked if I'd paint it 18x24" for them. I will still paint this reference again on a larger scale. It's too good to only use once. 

I am so glad to be working again after a long holiday break. I really depend on a routine, and working in my studio day after day is safe and dependable. I'm so glad the art I'm producing finds happy homes! I love my job. Thank you to who has ever bought one (or more) of my paintings and supported me.