Sep 17, 2013


10 x 10" original oil

Here is a nice, burnt orange palette for Fall. I love those little influences of green in some of the warm colors. One tulip is the main focus among the other surrounding, similar tulips. It is an individual. The idea is that we can be defined and self-aware. We are unique and individual. As a woman, I know that it's natural for us to care for others almost more than we care for ourselves, so let this painting be your permission to have a little focus on just yourself every once in a while. 

Usually I premix all of my colors but I was feeling impatient and just mixed by sight with the brush as I went. I can get away with this for smaller paintings as  long as the blossoms aren't white or yellow. Those are the hardest colors because of the influence they pick up from surrounding colors. My favorite brush strokes in this painting are the little hits of lavender and that green one down in the corner. 

A favorite thing of mine about originals is the way the brush strokes catch the glare and show the process. 

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