May 4, 2013

Raspberries and Cream

 17 x 19" original oil

Thanks DC and NH for the title idea - it's perfect.

Spring has been madness. Snow, wind, sun, squat down/stoop/kneel and photograph tulips for 5 hours, paint, paint, photograph for hours again, back aches, knee aches, paint, repeat. I have a two hour massage coming up and I may never get off the massage table. Nope, sorry. I'm too relaxed to move and drive myself home. I'll take another two hours, please. This, however, is what I live for. I love preparing for big shows and painting a new series of work. I am so excited to share my latest pieces with you. Click here for details about my upcoming shows.

My raspberry bushes are leafing out and looking for the sun. It's almost time for the buzzing of honeybees to come from that area of my yard, followed by the excitement of handfuls and handfuls of fresh, sunny raspberries. Mmm. Summer in my mouth. 


Don't forget to place your bid on my little April eBay painting, Lamda. It's for sale until May 7th to the highest bidder. My monthly eBay pieces are a great way to collect original artwork.
"Lamda" 4x4" original oil

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