Apr 30, 2013


4 x 4" original oil
Here is April's eBay painting, and not a day too late.  I love this rose. I painted it a few days ago in a painting for my mom's birthday, and I decided to use another angle and paint it again and offer it for sale to you. Roses really are beautiful. I will have to get some pictures of them this summer for more references. 
I read online that a rose with any single color can symbolize simplicity and gratitude. I like that. This is a simple little painting, and if you bid on it and win it on eBay and it becomes yours, it can be your reminder to see simplicity and gratitude each day.

side view - this little one is on 3/16" masonite with black-painted sides
Remember that this little eBay series is marked with titles from the Greek alphabet. The next one is Mu! ha ha

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