May 28, 2013


6 x 6" original oil
This beautiful doggie is Mazie. A couple was shopping at Deseret Book in Orem and saw some of my tulip paintings in the original art gallery. They fell in love with my painting style and when they found out I also painted dogs, they contacted me and commissioned me to paint Mazie as a surprise for Father's Day. The wife's father has a love for animals, especially dogs, and Mazie is his baby. I am so excited for him to unwrap his Father's Day present and see his little portrait of Mazie! I just love painting dog portraits, so contact me if you're interested in one, too. 
I love Mazie's coloring. The black, white and siennas are so pretty together and provide such a high contrast. Her face looks a lot like my lab's face, and I love the short hair. She is just beautiful. 
The hardest part of this painting was her eyes. They are looking right at the viewer and there are so many little colors and reflections in them, and the fur around the eyes has so many changes. I dabbled in this area for a good hour to get it right. The thing about eyes is that you can't get just one right, you have to repeat and get two right, and get them looking in exactly the same direction. I love her little muzzle too, with the whiskers and black nose. In the reference photo she is sitting and leaning against a couch. My dog does that too and it's so funny how they'll lean to one side like a person. My favorite thing about Mazie's pose is that she is leaning to one side, so her shoulders are asymmetrical, balancing the tilt in her head and pronounced ears. 
Happy Father's Day to Mazie's dad!! It was my pleasure to do this little portrait of your baby. ;) 
a detail of Mazie's face showing all of those little brush strokes in an area only a few inches by a few inches

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