May 29, 2013


8 x 8" original oil

May's wee eBay painting is Mu. I knew when I chose to use the Greek alphabet to name each of my 2013 eBay paintings it would be funny when I got to Mu. Next comes Nu. ha ha. Not every eBay painting gets a name as cool as Delta or Alpha. I can't wait for Omega. 

This painting is bright, cheery, PINK, and ready for someone's wall who needs a pick-me-up. My originals start at $250 so these little eBay auctions are a great deal with the opening bid at $100 and you are missing out if you let this one slip by!

Happy Spring. It's time for watermelon, flip flops, the smell of cut grass, and the twittering of birds. This painting reminds me of all those happy things.

a detail of the juicy color and brush strokes

Note that this painting is on 3/16" masonite and very easy to pop into a custom frame or table-top easel

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Sunny said...

I can't wait for Omega too. It was Derek's nickname in highschool :) Love this! And love that you continue through the greek alphabet. :)