Jun 3, 2013

Best Friend

 17 x 17" original oil


In the last year I have done 22 dog paintings and they've all been 6x6". The small wrapped panels are cute, chubby, able to sit on a bookshelf or dresser top, and so collectible. I decided I'd like to see what a bigger doggie looked like, and I'm so happy with it. I love this painting because the 17x17" size exaggerates the perspective of the nose-first photograph. It is so loveable and quirky, just like my Buttercup. I see more in the future that are larger like this, but I will still continue the minis. I just want to kiss that face! 

Detail of "Best Friend": The brushwork is so fractured and crazy, but that's what I love about it, especially the color changes on the  muzzle and her whisker spots.

Buttercup loves it! She highly approves of all her portraits.

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