Feb 27, 2013


 17 x 17" original oil painting
available at Authentique Gallery

I love backlighting. Love love love. Tulips are champions at being backlit. If they grew on a bush instead of up on top of a skinny stem, they wouldn't catch the light nearly so well.

The hardest part of this painting was the front blossom in the foreground - there are so many color, value and temperature changes in such a small area. I want the changes in color, value and temperature to show more than my brush marks (even though I want the brush marks to show...) It was hard, since I paint wet-on-wet, to lay the paint down and work next to it without wrecking the shapes and light, especially around those backlit edges. That's why I love my soft chisel shaped brushes to work with. I can get a clean edge with wet-on-wet paint applications.

The funnest part of this painting were all of the background blossoms in the middle area. I love all of the ochres and lime greens spread out with the cotton candy pinks. This painting has such great springtime colors.

Did I mention it was snowing sideways outside while I worked in my studio painting this? Hm. I love snow, but I am getting anxious for that time of year when I can open my house up and air it out with fresh spring air!

a yummy detail

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Peeser said...

"Duo." Because the flower in the foreground and the one in the center look like they belong together.

Love the colors and the sense of translucence through the petals. Another beautiful piece, my friend!