Feb 21, 2013


25 x 37" original oil
Two days ago when I was walking back to my car from yoga, the sun was out and I could smell that special smell when you know the ground is warming up and Spring is coming! It's a combination of wet mulch, rotting leaves, sunshine, grass, and wind. I am so excited for Chacos, denim capris, driving with my window down, getting the mail in my bare feet, daffodils, walking my dog, getting a tan, a fresh breeze blowing in my studio when I leave the door propped open, and actually wanting to eat fruit instead of insane amounts of warm comfort food. 

Yummy detail shots below:


sydney said...

I love when you show close ups and I can honestly FEEL the brushstrokes.From start to finish. :)

Cristall Harper said...

Thank you

Aarhus said...

Dear Cristall
Do you know where your painting Friedrich is, if it is, exhibited?
Kind regards

Cristall Harper said...

It sold years ago to a private collector.

mary maxam said...

Yummy detail shots for sure! These tulips are so beautiful, and your edges just melt into one another! Love it.

Cristall Harper said...

Thank you Mary - I love how you said my edges melt into each other. I try! I'm glad someone noticed.