Feb 9, 2013

Atta Girl

6 x 6" original oil

I love painting my dog, Buttercup. She is such a good friend and is so funny. In this painting I chose a bright green background to match her happy face and to make it feel a bit like summer. In the photograph I painted from, she had just brought me her ball and stepped back a few paces, asking me to play. It's a red rubber ball (one of those KONG ones) that we have had since she was a puppy. It's indestructible and very heavy, so you can bounce it as high as a large tree if you want. She loves it. Her favorite game with me is to stand in the backyard while I throw the ball onto the roof. She watches it roll off the roof and bounce high off the back patio and she tries to catch it before it lands. She would go all day playing this game.

in progress detail

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