Feb 18, 2013

President's Day

Well Happy President's Day. I only checked my mailbox about four times before I realized it was a holiday today. When you don't have kids in school, these things are easy to overlook. What have I been up to in the studio lately? Here ya go:

This is a 25 x 37" tulip oil painting in progress. There will be creamy light greens, creams, whites, and pink/purples in the blossoms.

These three little 6 x 6" oil paintings are a commission. The pet owners have two cats and a dog and they will hopefully love their little paintings. These get delivered to Gallery MAR on Wednesday and shipped soon after to California.

Oh, I am so excited. I am finally getting a sink in my studio. We brought water and electricity out years ago, and my sink plumbing was roughed in. I've had two pipes that are capped and sticking out of my floor this whole time. My husband is custom building me a vanity that will house the sink and a wee little water heater that will mount under the sink. Among other things, I will finally be able to wash  my paint brushes in my studio!!

This is the laminate counter top that we bought Saturday for the vanity/sink. Ew, it doesn't look this pink in real life. It will get cut to size and installed this next week!

This is an 18 x 36" seascape oil painting in progress. The blue tape masks off the horizon. The water will stay pretty dark, but there will be some turquoise relief in the shallower areas and some bubbly surf near the shore. The sky will be a very light blue. I love this format.

Remember "Anchored"? Well, I completely painted over it. THIS is the new "Anchored". This painting is 24 x 30" and oils. It needs just a few more things and it'll be fresh and new, and so much better. I like to work on my seascapes on a flat surface. It helps everything stay put. If I want drips, I work on it on the easel. (I use a lot of wet brushes and glazing in the transparent areas, just like watercoloring with oils.)

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