Nov 26, 2012

Watermelon II

18 x 24" original oil

I began this painting the first week of November. I worked on it in the background while I was finishing a commission and three little dog paintings for Gallery MAR due for a late November delivery. I got a phone call one day from somebody who missed one of my art shows but wanted to come to my studio to see what I was painting at that moment, so I invited them over, they saw this painting in progress, and bought it on the spot. It's now finished, drying, and will be delivered soon. I feel blessed. 

The story behind this painting is this: I had been painting a lot with yellows and was feeling a bit like I was in a rut, so I looked through my reference photos on the computer and came across this one, gasped, was immediately intimidated by the crazy colors and shapes, but loved the light. I'm going to paint it again, but I haven't decided how big or when. I love this image so much that I can't use it just once.  

I enjoyed have Nathan and Suzie over to watch me paint while I worked on the upper-right corner of this painting. I hope Nathan gets the urge to pull out the oils and paint!  


detail 2

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