Nov 2, 2012

Concord II

10 x 10" original oil

Alpine Art is having a show November 16 - December 21, 2012 called Honoring Utah Artists. The show will feature Utah artists who "have been influential in the arts during the 2012 year." I am so humbled to have been nominated to participate. I am also very excited to see the other artists' paintings. We had to keep the painting under 16x20" but that was our only restriction.

My studio smells like varnish and is in a state of "excited messy" when it's slightly chaotic and crowded with completed paintings ready to be loaded up and taken to shows! October was nuts. Last year I averaged four paintings a month; last month I painted ten. That is the result of long hours, a good massage therapist and chiropractor, lots of paint and patience, and lots of good music. 

I have three shows in November, all listed here. Tonight I will be at Terra Nova Gallery for the opening of Great Things Small Packages, then next week I will be at the Zions Bank building on the 8th for their one night Artist Reception, then I'll be at Alpine Art on the 16th for the opening of their Honoring Utah Artists exhibition.

I'm taking a lazy beginning to November. Today I slept in, played some volleyball, talked to a friend, and now I'm going to bake some cookies. Hallelujah for lazy days after crazy days. 


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