Nov 21, 2012


14 x 18" original oil

I have a collector who commissioned me to paint them a salmon-pink poppy. She helped me choose the reference photo, cropping and the finished painting's size. I really appreciated her input and involvement, because it took out the awkward element of commission surprise: "Ta-duh! I'm done! Do you like it? Oh, you wanted it totally different? Hm." 

The biggest challenge of painting Georgia was that my reference photo was the size of a postage stamp by the time I cropped what I would be using from the patch of poppies. My husband came in while I was painting and said "How can you even see what colors to mix? The poppy you are copying is so tiny!" I told him I just had to look really closely. :) 

I know the title is obvious, but I can't paint a large, zoomed in poppy and not be thinking of Georgia O'Keefe the entire time. I figure with at least the title I can nod to her well-known subject matter.

I love the center's shadow

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becca said...

you are amazing! this poppy is incredible! i love seeing your paintings pop up on my google reader... makes me smile every time!