Nov 13, 2012


6x6" original oil
Gallery MAR is my Park City gallery and they do a great job of selling my little 6x6" dog paintings. I have been looking for a variety of dog breeds to paint and when I saw this Chinese Crested at a park I laughed out loud and immediately knew it needed a hot pink background with a Rockstar title. I love the personalities of dogs and the quirkiness they add to life. My own dog is a yellow lab and I paint her the most. If you have a dog breed you think I'd like and want to send me images of your furry friend outside in the sun on a patio or sidewalk (grass hides their paws), your dog may just end up in a painting. Send images to


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Peeser said...

You know, one of these days, when I have time again (HA!), I will have to sort through my photos and see if I can't find a good one of Butler, our half Shi-Tzu that died a few years ago... How much would you charge if I someday commissioned a 6x6 painting of Butler?

(And this dog- fantastic look with the fur, and I LOVE hot pink background and the title! Nicely done, my friend!)