Apr 10, 2013


14 x 20" original oil

I love the light in this piece - light and color make flowers such a great subject. The background blossoms are in the hot setting sun, and the foreground bulbs are in the cool evening shade, making great depth. The blossom on the right side that is kind of peach colored is catching that last ray of sun before it's dusk. Colors in painting can make you feel a certain time of day, and this one says "thirty minutes to sundown" to me and makes me feel like firing up the grill and wearing sandals and a light jacket.

I have a family reunion coming up in June that I am so excited for. All of my siblings and their spouses and kids will be there. We are going to a cabin in the middle of no where but we'll have four wheelers, a fire pit, a laser pointer, lakes to fish a few feet from our door, and lots of witty banter. I can't wait. I was thinking about how different everybody is that's going to be there, but that we're all family. Variety isn't to be underestimated. Some of us are the loud ones, some the quiet ones, some the tall ones, some the short ones, etc. This painting of all the different tulips is like a family reunion. 

A close-up. My favorite brush strokes here are the minty greens in the yellow tulip on the left.

Another close-up. My favorite brush stroke here is the one blackish swipe at the bottom of the red area in the tulip on the left. In one brush stroke the tulip curves under.

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Helen Read said...

I love the light and color!! Nicely done!