Apr 22, 2013


28 x 42" original oil

As soon as this painting is dry it will ship to it's new owners in Hong Kong. I was pleased to meet the Ng family at one of my shows in March. I had this painting with me in-progress and was working on it here and there between talking with people, and they fell in love with it and purchased it on the spot. 

The hardest part of this painting was mixing the bright whites. My palette is white, so the mixed bright whites looked gray in comparison (since they weren't pure titanium white pigment but had grays, yellows or purples mixed in). I had to trust that the paint would translate to bright white on the painting, and for the white petal to feel a bit transparent, it can't be pure white. Only snow in the sunlight is pure white, really. (I remember a college painting class all of a sudden...I was painting a self portrait and I painted a skin highlight white, and the teacher came and said "Is that snow on your arm?" In the photo I saw white where the light was shining on my arm, but after his comment I looked closer and held a white paper next to it and it wasn't white at all. Lesson learned.)

The easiest part of this painting was...signing it. I won't lie. The whole thing was hard. It's OK. I think it was harder to finish because it had already sold and I was nervous about messing it up. 

Well, it's hanging and drying  now! Soon it will head overseas. How exciting. My first international painting sale. 

This little sweetie wants to be an artist when she grows up. She stayed and talked with me while I worked on this painting. Her mom is a good high school friend of mine that was in town.  

I am posing with the new owners of the yet-to-be-finished painting. Thank you Ng Family!

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sydney said...

It's beautiful! Congratulations to all!