Mar 20, 2013


18 x 36" original oil

I like themes in my seascapes, and sometimes I start with the theme in mind, and sometimes I find a theme when the painting is all done. Usually the theme matches something I'm going through at the time.

What's on my mind and in my heart lately is that I am my own worst critic - not as an artist, but just as a woman. Let's face it people: it can be hard to be a happy woman and it doesn't help when we assume everyone around us is perfect. Why don't we look like that, have that, parent like that,'s a long list.

I was talking to a good friend last night about when I compare my weaknesses to others' strengths, and I finally realized how pointless these comparisons are. Her idea was for me to nicer to myself in my mind. It sounds easy and really it should be, but we women, and especially me, can think rotten things about ourselves and not even realize we are doing it until we feel rotten and then wonder why.

In my friend's words for those of you who have seen Kung Fu Panda "There is no secret ingredient." We are special just because we are, not because we have something, do something, etc. 

Washed is my painting for this theme of having a new chance every day to love myself, be kind, and JUST BE.

detail of  left corner

detail of wave

30 x 45" original oil in progress
The above painting in progress is going to be finished today. Yes. It must be. I'm going out of town and won't have time to finish it later, and it's got to be dry and delivered the first week of April. I'm entering it in the Springville Museum of Art's Spring Salon. I had so much on my plate already this spring, but I couldn't NOT enter this show, so I've been painting nine hour days all week to get this puppy done. I know artists that paint for much longer stretches, but nine hours is a long time for this gal. I can't remember how many years I've entered the Spring Salon (I think eight? nine?) but I've only ever gotten in once, so wish me luck. 

28 x 42" original oil in progress
I started this painting last week and needed to get it in progress, just enough to give viewers an idea of how it will  look finished. I am going to the City Creek Deseret Book store on March 29th and 30th to sign prints of my Young Women Value Tulips and the store likes to have artists bring works in progress. This is the in-progress painting I'll take with me. I'll have my paints with me and when I'm not talking to the crowd I'll be working on this piece. When it's finished it'll get delivered to the store and will be available for purchase there. 

This is my Young Women Value Tulips piece that I will be signing.


Sunny said...

(Sigh) I LOVE your seascapes! (Or lakescapes as far as I'm concerned) makes me miss home, they are BEAUTIFUL, and we get a glimpse into your beautiful mind and heart. Thank you for sharing...everything.

Peeser said...

Seriously, someday, I hope to have money to buy one of your BIG paintings, like this beautiful seascape... Either that, or maybe I'll be wealthy enough to commission you to do a mural on a wall in the home I will someday own. I just love the size of the ones in this post- the seascape AND the tulips!

Wishing you the best of luck with this art show! I believe you deserve it! I hope they realize that, too!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite seascape of yours...I spent my summers as a child on the Oregon coast, and this makes me homesick...Love. How much do you charge for a seascape like that?

Cristall Harper said...

Anonymous, this 18x36" original is $745. Thanks.

heidikins said...

Ooooooh, this seascape is absolutely breathtaking! So gorgeous!!