Mar 12, 2013


6 x 6" original oil

This is Aspen, a beautiful yellow lab that belonged to a kind family and passed away just after Christmas. Her owner contacted me in January after finding my dog paintings online about doing a commission of this little sweetheart. I was more than happy to and was a little emotional in the process, knowing my own lab is already 7 and we've had her since she was an 8-week puppy. Time flies. 
Aspen reminds me so much of my own yellow lab, Buttercup. As I looked through photos of Aspen looking for a usable reference, it was evidenced in the many pictures with family that Aspen was very loved and included, as all family dogs should be. There were pictures of her in a boat with the boys, walking along the sidewalk behind some neighborhood kids, in a family picture at what looked like a big park or outlook, sleeping on the couch snuggling the boys who were also asleep on the couch, and wrestling the boys in the backyard. 

To Aspen's family, thank you for letting me paint your beautiful dog, and I hope this painting of her brings you comfort and a smile! She is a little angel.

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