Mar 21, 2013

Caramel Apple

30 x 45" original oil

Caramel Apple is a title I chose for this large painting because of what it evokes. I think of bright, clear sunlight, fall colors, sweetness and crispness when I think of a caramel apple, and I think this painting has all of those things. 

It is now drying, and the first week of April this painting will head to Springville where I am entering it in the museum's Spring Salon. I don't have a very good track record of getting into this show so wish me luck. There are some great artists in Utah!

Indian Summer is a painting I did that is headed for Art & Soup April 2-4 where it will be for sale. Indian Summer is the middle section of this reference only. It's interesting when I paint the same reference twice to see how similarly and differently a petal or stem comes out. What color decisions did I make on the fly that are close and that are way different? 

I love painting tulips. I love painting things that are colorful and transparent. It's a treat to get to paint the light like in this painting - I love back lighting and the glow of late sunshine.