Jul 9, 2012


8x8" original oil

It's 100 degrees outside and will be for the next few days. July is here in earnest. I thought the hot colors in this painting looked and sounded like a Sizzle title. Hot summer weather makes me think of two movies in particular. One is Sandlot. I love it when it's too hot to play baseball so they go swimming where Wendy Peffercorn was the lifeguard that Squints was head-over-heels for... "Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day and we had to tip our hats to him." Great line. The other movie I think of is Father of the Bride Part Two. Who doesn't love Fronk and George trying to keep those two pregnant women comfortable while sweating out the hot summer? I remember the scene where the kids crack the egg on the sidewalk. 

I used a lot of black in the yellow flowers. I have mixed colors over and over but it will never make sense in my brain that black plus yellow equals a beautiful green shadow. 

I'd love to see this painting in a heavy, dark frame under a track/spot light. 

I think the majority of the men out there that see the title of this painting will think of bacon. I know my husband will. If you haven't heard Jim Gaffigan's comedy skit on bacon, it's hilarious. Watch it on You Tube here. Bibbity, Bobbity, Bacon!

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Sunny said...

Love the title! Perfect for this time of year across the country. :) Love your movie visuals too. Hello!