Nov 15, 2014

Luna, Pomona, and Minerva

I named all three in this rose series after literary characters in Harry Potter that I admire. 

Luna 4x4" original oil
Luna Lovegood was funny, loyal, kind, and always herself!

Pomona 4x4" original oil
Pomona Sprout, head of Hufflepuff House and Herbology, was an awesome gardener and always there to help in a pinch. 

Minerva 4x4" original oil
Minerva McGonagall would have been a formidable opponent in a battle of wits. I love her spark and sharpness. 

Here is a progression of the painting Luna, ending with the palette and the piece in her finished frame. 

Here is a progression of the painting Pomona, ending with the piece in her finished (and beautiful!) frame. 

And finally, here is a progression of the painting Minerva, ending with the piece in her finished frame:

Did you know that Matt and I make my frames? Thank goodness I have a talented husband who knows how to woodwork, and thank goodness I have talented artist friends (and for YouTube) whom I have called on to ask for finishing advice, like what kind of sizing do you use to apply the aluminum leaf, and do you have a wax you prefer over shellac for rubbing the painted areas? The list is long of questions I have asked and answers I have received, and I'm grateful that I have been able to get help from others and grateful also that I have made some cool discoveries while experimenting with finishes on my own. It's most definitely been an organic process. My fingers have the cuts and burns to prove it! 

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