Nov 13, 2013

Stocking Stuffers

"Stocking Stuffer I"
4x4" original oil

"Stocking Stuffer II"
4x4" original oil

These two bitty originals are headed to Alpine Art for their Holiday Boutique Show, and I just know that they will be gobbled up by an art-collecting dog-lover. If you want that to be you, contact Alpine Art and they'll make it happen! 

Both of these paintings are of my lab. I've used these references before but for larger pieces. The 4x4" sizes are so adorable. I want to keep them. 

These 4x4" originals are on 1 3/8" deep panels, so they can sit freestanding on a little shelf or desk; they are also wired on the back for hanging if you want to stick them on a little nook of your wall. 

Dogs are the best. 


heidikins said...

So cute! I love these!


Kim Rempel said...

These are awesome! So funny and in-your-face and such character. They'll sell in a flash.

Ross Lynem said...

I love your paintings and dogs, so these are very appealing and lovely. Your work is amazing.