Nov 19, 2013

Austin & Katie

10 x 8" original oil

I love this commission. My favorite thing about it is how the poses fit the personalities. These two kids are all grown up now, but the mom gave me an old photograph from a scrapbook and asked if I could paint this scene from their childhood. The boy was more timid and reluctant to check out new things, but the girl was all for getting right in. They each demonstrate that so well in this photograph: the boy with his toe curled up and arms back, but head cocked curiously, the girl picking something up and getting up close to whatever is down there. 

It's such a beautiful time of day in this painting, and I'm in love with the squiggly reflections and grading light to dark sand. 

Thank you BJ for this commission!


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bonnie j said...

Thank YOU Cristall! I keep looking at it and noticing something different each time. I just cannot believe how well you captured their personalities! I love every little detail.