Jul 24, 2013


 7 x 5" original oil

I love the contrast in this painting between the deep purples and transparent whites. The punch of orange in the background adds some spice. 

It's all sketched out with a pastel pencil. I used grid crosshairs on the photo and on the masonite to help me get it right. 

It's taking shape: I painted the lightest areas first because I was afraid if I didn't, they'd be muddy. 

Today's tools

I think tubes of paint are fabulous. Look at them all in a row. Yummy. 

This painting is on 1/8" masonite. It will be a cinch to pop into a 5x7" frame; otherwise, just display it on a little easel or leaning against something. 

1 comment:

heidikins said...

Oh my! That is so glowingly beautiful! Love!