Jun 25, 2013


5x7" original oil
available as June's little eBay painting
Each month in 2013 I am painting a tiny original to auction off on eBay, and each painting gets a title from the Greek alphabet to mark the series. My small originals begin retail at $250, so grab these eBay deals quick - opening bids are only $100. 

I took some pictures three springs ago of cherry tree blossoms near my house. Only a handful of the pictures turned out OK. I've had my favorite photograph pinned to my studio bulletin board forever now, and when I realized I hadn't painted June's eBay painting yet, I decided on a whim to paint a little 5x7" of this cherry tree branch. I am really drawn to the deep blue sky against the sunny white petals. There are a lot of colors going on in these wee white petals. Enjoy some photos below of what I saw in the studio today as I worked:




To bidders: Please note that this painting is on 3/16" masonite and not for example on stretched canvas. This 5x7" on masonite will be a cinch into pop in a ready-made frame.
tools of the trade

those weeds out there are what I should be working on but OH WELL
lovely detail of the petal swishes

detail of the prima donna...love that swipe of white on the bottom petal

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