Jan 10, 2013

Today's Doings

"Good Boy" 6 x 6" oil    sold
Great news today. Gallery MAR in Park City sold "Good Boy". I love getting e-mails like that. My little doggie paintings don't last long, so if you see one you like, you need to grab it up! 

sneak peek of an area of a 24 x 30" seascape in progress
I worked more today on a 24 x 30" seascape. I've been stuck for weeks on this painting. I saw a Washington coast photograph a friend took on a recent vacation and it totally inspired me to finish this painting. The moodiness was perfect. There was a bit of indigo and cobalt above the horizon which I'm a total sucker for. 

Buttercup, the perfect dog.
 My poor dog today. She was so bored. We are both anxious for the warm spring days when my studio door is open. She likes to bounce between sunny grass right outside and my cool studio floor. We are both a little cooped up this winter. We need to go play in the mountains and run around!

I also painted the sides of Elaine now that the oil colors are dry. The satin black paint around the edges is the finishing touch, and it's one of those interior paints that is part primer. I free-hand the black paint. It's easier than it looks.


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