Jan 2, 2013

Elaine: Part I

18x24" original oil in progress

This is one of six commissions I need to complete in January, and the first painting of 2013. The tulips in this painting will be pink, yellow, and a pale orange. I had planned to paint this reference as a larger 20x30", but someone saw the reference on my studio wall and asked if I'd paint it 18x24" for them. I will still paint this reference again on a larger scale. It's too good to only use once. 

I am so glad to be working again after a long holiday break. I really depend on a routine, and working in my studio day after day is safe and dependable. I'm so glad the art I'm producing finds happy homes! I love my job. Thank you to who has ever bought one (or more) of my paintings and supported me.


mary maxam said...

This looks like it will soon be another favorite! Lovely start and fun to see the process, thanks.

Ross Lynem said...

I just watched your video. Very cool! It is great to be able to do this for a living. I am not quite there yet but enjoy each sale and consider it to be such a privilege as well. You had asked about a size of one of my paintings Cristall. Sorry to take so long here to get back to you but it is 13" X 20" . With frame it comes to 22.5" X 29.5". Hope your commissions are progressing nicely.