Oct 26, 2012


14 x 18" original oil

 This is another painting I have finished that will be included in my art show on November 8th. Each brushstroke in this painting reminded me of a single tile in a large mosaic. The up-close views are ridiculous. I love how warm this piece is, and those little reliefs of red and gray-green. These tulips look fluffy. They are that peony-looking variety, and tons of fun to paint.

I'd like to thank the "Tron movie soundtrack" Pandora station for getting me through this painting. ;)

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Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

LOVE it! Please keep the reference picture handy, because I know that you need this one for your art show - which obviously we can't attend :( - but I may need you to repaint this one for me. It would be perfect for my house, and I really love it. Do you have any possible companion pieces for it?
Love you!! Rachel