Oct 1, 2012


23 x 23" original oil

I have finished this latest painting of some tulips from last years Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. I remember finding these tulips and being so excited to paint the ones with the red stripes. The color palette of this painting reminds me of an old restaurant in town where I grew up where my family would eat Chinese food. There was a lot of dark, lacquered wood as well as little red lanterns and yellow lights. Even the tulip going out of the frame on the upper left edge reminds me of an open parasol illustrated with a Geisha. 

I plan on having this painting in my upcoming show in Salt Lake on November 8th. Click here for some more details.

The easiest parts of this painting were the red stripes . The most difficult was the white blossom. Whites are such chameleons.


sydney said...

Don't expect this piece to be for sale long. it's a beauty!
Good luck on the show. We are all excited to hear how it goes :)

Peeser said...

Wow! This looks amazing! It's like a work of art! Oh, wait... ;)

Seriously, I am once again in awe of your incredible talent! I love how this one looks so much like a photo, more than a painting- I love the attention to detail in this (and especially those red stripes- they are simple yet so beautiful!)

Out of curiosity, since I grew up in the same town, which Chinese place did you go to? The only one currently coming to mind is that buffet that was on the corner of Stadium and Worley for so long- Great Wall Chinese Buffet was the name, I think...

Good luck with your show! One of these days, I want to actually be there for a show- I'd love to see a room full of your work on display for all to see and go "Ooh!" and "Aah!"

Kay said...

I too love the red strips and it is hard to believe they were the easiest part. I also understand about painting white flowers. They can be a challenge, as you say, but what fun you can have with the many colors and values within the white.