Oct 30, 2012

Holi I

17 x 17" original oil

I have had this reference taped to my studio wall for a couple of months now. I could see that it had great light, shape, blossom and color variety, and balance. I was surprised though when I started painting at how exciting this reference really was. There is a lot going on. Up close, the "cabbage" petals remind me of stained glass because of their outlines filled with little pieces of color. (See the detail below). I named this Holi I for the Holi Fest and all it's colors, and the numeral one because I plan to do a series from this patch.

detail area
Thanks to my friend Donna who took the following pictures:

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Peeser said...

Once again, beautiful! Even before you mentioned it, my first thought was how much this looks like a stained-glass window. The light makes the colors so vivid, as though illuminated from an unseen source. This is where I once again wish I were independently wealthy- like the Medici family- so I could be a huge patron of the arts. *Sigh*- maybe someday! :)