May 7, 2012


20 x 33" original oil

This is a detail of my favorite part of the painting. I think it would make a fine painting all on it's own. 

I have to say, I am exhausted. I could take a nap for three days. I also need a new painting that is more back-friendly. Can you believe all that is going on in this painting? Lots and lots of shapes. It makes me want to do a jigsaw puzzle (one of my favorite activities ever). The weather has been cool and very windy. I haven't been out to the tulip gardens in a few days, but the tulips are pretty much done. It feels good to have a hard drive full of new reference photos. I am so excited to paint what I shot this year. It is like having a pantry full of food after grocery shopping. You just want to look at it all lined up on the shelves, and you're excited to cook. 

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