May 25, 2012


11 x 23" original oil
just sold

When I woke up this morning and ran some errands, the maple trees looked so pretty. This whole day has been cloudy and kind of dark. I love leafy trees under stormy skies when the wind blows the leaves back to show the pale underside. It looks so moody and atmospheric. Light just does amazing things outside. I am one of those people that like the extremes when it comes to light. I like high contrast sunlight like in Barefoot but I also really enjoy low-key stormy days like today. 

I remember the weather last month on the day I shot the picture I used for this painting. It was one of those hot April days with blue skies and chirping birds. The grass was green and soft and I just wanted to take off my Chacos and walk barefoot through the gardens. When I look at this painting, I remember the smell of the grass and fresh mulch in the flower beds. The sun was so warm and right overhead. 

At my last art show, an art collector remarked that they loved how in my paintings, something fleeting is preserved. Tulips last only a few weeks here in Utah, but they love that through my art they can buy a painting and enjoy the tulips all year long. They thought that was something that made my paintings special. It was a neat point of view and I appreciated them sharing it with me. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Enjoy yourselves, soak up that sun, and walk barefoot through some grass! -Cristall

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