May 12, 2012


19 x 34" original oil

Blushers took a while to paint but is a real visual treat for the same reason: each blossom has slightly different coloring. I mix all of my own colors so a painting like this with subtle color changes makes it take longer to finish. I love the sense of the sun at your back and the crowded scene of pale to deep colored tulips. This is one of my favorite color palettes to work in.

Here is a detail of my favorite area. 

Here is that same area in-progress. 

I paint differently than most artists. I assemble my paintings like puzzles, working on small areas at a time until they are done. It might be weird, but it works for my tulip-style. 

I wrapped and delivered three tulip paintings to my Salt Lake gallery this week. These three pieces will be in Alpine Art's Spring Exhibition May and June.

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