Apr 5, 2011

Listening for 5 o'clock

6" x 6" oil


This is my yellow lab, Buttercup. Alpine Art of Salt Lake City, UT is my exclusive carrier of little doggie paintings and I invite you to check out their website or better yet, visit in person. It's up in the Avenues area of downtown Salt Lake amid old trees and other old buildings. You'd never know you were in the middle of a desert.

Every day, my lab can sense when my husband is almost home from work. She'll wait and watch and listen. His truck has an old tick in the wheel and that's how she knows a block away that it's him. It's her favorite time of the day. (He's never home by 5, it's always later, but since 5 is the stereotypical "quitting time" I like it for the title better than another random number of hour.)

Enjoy! *bark*

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