Apr 13, 2011


10x10" oils

I love this background brown against the tulip's brightness. Surprisingly, there is a gob of brilliant spring green mixed in - the siennas overpowered that pigment but the green played it's part nonetheless.
This painting has already sold - thank you to my awesome collectors out there!

my mixing palette

Here is the newest member of the family- I picked this easel up yesterday while I was in Salt Lake buying art supplies. Totally impulse. I didn't mean to. It just jumped into my trunk (barely). The ledge that the painting sits on is adjustable up and down and my back is thankful - worth every single penny.


Susan Roux said...

I like the plain background with one blossom. It really helps to show the transparency. Beautiful.

Sunny said...

Man you're going to have to paint faster if you're going to have anything to show at your event in May. These jewels are going like hot cakes! :) Beautiful...as always.