Apr 25, 2011

87th Annual Spring Salon

21x36" oils, sold
on display at the Springville Museum of Art through 3 July 2011

My above painting, Sunset, was juried into the 87th Annual Spring Salon at the Springville Museum of Art. There were 1,008 entries and only 253 were accepted. It's an honor to be displayed alongside some amazing Utah artists.
This piece was purchased by a museum patron who visited the show.

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Sunny said...

You know I was just wondering the other day if any of your work was in the Springville Museum of Art ( or SMOA as it's known to us locals ;) )And lo and behold it is. You deserve every honor you receive and more. To think only 3 or 4 short years ago...You are truly an amazing talent! And an awesome person to boot. :)